”Should I go for Solar?”

is this what you’re asking to yourself?

And are you frustrated due to creeping electricity bills that are going up and up…

Then you should “Go Solar” as soon as possible since it’s the completely acceptable solution to reduce your electricity bills. Still confused? Then keep in mind, solar prices are only continue to drop. So, solar leap is best for you!

Besides reducing your electricity bills, solar power systems also help to keep our planet green so there is no other reason to wait for later and get your own solar panel NOW!!

Some of you might find it difficult to take this big decision! Don’t stress, consider the following points:

Solar systems costs are at an all-time low:

Solar Power systems offer countless benefits to an average Australian family, specifically when you’re thinking about saving money! At present the prices of residential solar system are more affordable than ever before due to the technological advances and increase in worldwide solar manufacturing market. Therefore the prices of solar modules have been dropped since last few years.

This price drop has help increase the size of residential solar systems up to 6.6 kW- this helps in impacting your electricity bills in much more bigger way and it’s a positive news for your budget and savings.

 Don’t wait for too long! The sooner you buy, the sooner you save!!!

Since energy prices are currently high and are expected to go higher however the prices of solar power systems are at record low. In reality, except Canberra, Australian capital cities are below retail grid power prices. Even if you wish to hold on and find out if solar prices falls even further, it may not make any financial sense.

Solar System Maintenance is Minimal:

In fact, solar systems need very low maintenance. Some solar panel installers in Perth offer solar maintenance services to make sure your solar panels continue to produce clean energy and Experts says that nowadays solar panels doesn’t require that much higher level of maintenance due to high performing solar panels and they should work efficiently.

Increase the value of your home by installing a Solar:

Whenever you wish to sell your home, solar power systems could add great value to it. Homes with solar panels look good and also make a great option to potential buyers, since present day solar panels are sleek and are designed to complement the pitch of your roof including hidden minimum wiring that wouldn’t affect the overall look of your home.

Even if you’re not immediately selling your house, you can still earn all the benefits of solar panels as solar panels have long lifespan at the same time making your property attractive. Climate Council has also estimated that Australian solar powers can now pay for themselves in not more than a decade.

So get a solar: It’s good for next 5 billion years:

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