People, societies and communities across the world are aware of how prominent solar is for the environment and is the cleanest solution ever to wean us all off fossil fuels. While most people understand the idea, many homeowners are unfamiliar with the Rooftop solar systems and its exceptional benefits. Solar is the solution for growing energy needs, also it’s a form of green energy. Solar is ideal for society as a whole. However, it’s equally advantageous for an average homeowner.

Renewable Energy

Solar panels for home – Let’s look at 7 enticing benefits of installing solar panels on the rooftop:

Rooftop solar panel installation prices are competitive. The roof-mounted solar system will guarantee that you’ll be at the receiving end of the following outstanding advantages and also make you a responsible citizen for going solar.

Green energy facts

  1. It saves money: The first and the foremost reward of installing solar panels system is that the homeowners can save money on their utility bills. By opting for solar and producing power you need, you don’t rely on the utility company to provide you with the electricity. With rooftop solar panels, you practically reduce the power bills. Especially in areas in Australia, where electric rates are very high, solar panels prove to be a boon for significant savings.
  2. It doesn’t claim any extra space: Rooftop Solar panels for home represent one more classic advantage; they can be fixed on any kinds of roof. So, you don’t have to vacate a land or abandon some of your garden space for the installation. What’s more, the panels offer protection to the roof of the house or the building where they get mounted.
  3. Powers your electric vehicle: Solar saves a significant amount of your money by producing and providing electricity to power your electric vehicle too. The recent rise of the electric vehicle market highlights one unusual factor – homeowners are opting for large solar systems to generate electricity for vehicles. It allows them to save a ton of money they used to spend on gas. If you haven’t got Rooftop solar panels for your home, do it now.
  4. Low on maintenance: The chief factor that accentuates the importance of rooftop solar panels is that they require less maintenance. They come with a service life of 20 years, which is rather impressive. However, if you take good care of them and maintain properly, they may go on for long.
  5. Reduces carbon footprint: Electricity through solar panels is the clean form of energy. There’s no harmful gas emission and air pollution of any sort. Furthermore, it’s a kind of energy that combats climate change. Solar panels harness sunlight and produce electricity. Sun is an undying source of energy. Hence, there’s no question of draining off or uncontrollable usage.
  6. Increases your real estate value: Your solar equipped house would give you attractive returns at the time of reselling. A potential buyer would want to cut down on huge energy bills so, automatically your home could be on many clients’ wish list. It helps you set an example with rooftop solar panels because they don’t only enhance real estate prices but also exhibit environmental consciousness.
  7. Gives energy independence: Since you are producing electricity through rooftop solar PV panels, it gives you full energy freedom. Even in the areas where grid supply isn’t available, off-grid solar systems with batteries do the job for you. When positioned at the proper angle on the roof, panels will work in all seasons.

7 Enticing Benefits

MinterEllison partner and the firm’s Energy and Resource leader, Mr Simon Scott said, “We can see that amongst developed nations, Australia ranks third as having the most supportive environment for renewable financing at present, behind only Germany and the U.S.A”

To recapitulate,

This is the right moment to go solar and save non-renewable energy, for the humans stand to exhaust it soon. Solar has tremendous gain points. We at WOW Solar strive to provide a variety of solar services tailored to suite your needs. Contact us today for assistance, acquiring full package quotes and solar panel Australia installation cost. Our technical team is trained to guide you through & through and deliver the best solutions.

The future belongs to those who embrace the change that works in favour of the environment. Let’s go green. Together. Faster.