Residential Solar

The radiations that the Sun produces in a day are enormous. It could easily fulfill the daily power needs of a household if the solar panels are in place. We realised this phenomenon and are governing residential solar system installation in Australia. Our specialised services provide residential solar aid with financing option to the clients. We aim to deliver solar systems on a large scale so that people can avail it and save a colossal amount on the annual power bills.

We have a team of experts on board to help you through and through. Our highly reliable customer service is up for any difficulty you ever face. We aspire to build meaningful local partnerships. We are motivated to provide competitive pricing to you, impeccable services together with end-to-end support and basic safety guidelines.

Going solar with us will not only prove to be economically beneficial but also embracing the best the market has to provide. Be a part of the energy decarbonisation movement – with WOW Solar.

Service Features:

The features this service offers are:

  1. Effective installation procedure with weekly check-ins
  2. Assistance from the technical team to choose the suitable system with the right specifications for your needs
  3. Excellent and reliable customer support service.
  4. Qualified workers to do the job accurately.
Roof-mounted solar panels.
5kw solar system Perth
Government concessions on solar

Pay up to $5,000 less with government rebates!

Perth has the best sunshine.

Perth is the best city for sunshine!

Sell extra power generated by the solar system.

Don’t waste money on power bills ANYMORE! Sell back the excess power your system generates!

Install a solar system and reduce the carbon footprint

Reduce carbon footprint. The sun is unlimited!

Solar increases real estate value

Solar is a real estate selling point and potentially add market value to your home.

Save money by going solar in 2020

Protect your house from future electricity price increase