Off Grid Solar

As the name suggests, Off-grid solar systems work independent of the grid lines but have batteries that save the solar power generated electricity in them. These solutions are ideal in the areas where there is less or no grid supply of power.

WOW solar houses a team of experts to implement off-grid PV systems which are customizable based on one’s needs. This offering usually consists of solar panels, grid box, inverter, battery, charge controller, mounting structure and balance. Off-grid solar service is perfect for residences and small businesses which do not require full-fledge electricity, 24*7.

 Service Features:

The features this service offers are:

  1. Self-sustainable systems that work independently. Off-grid solar does not rely on the grid.
  2. Generates and stores enough power to use for a long time.
  3. Designed especially for the areas where power access from the grid is difficult.
  4. Grid failures and shutdowns do not affect the off-grid solar power supply.
Roof-mounted solar panels.
5kw solar system Perth