Agriculture solar

We keep the sun up for work on the farms. Solar for agricultural operations is gaining grounds in recent times. WOW Solar irrigation division goes with the theme ‘Water for Life and Water for Irrigation in Agricultural Industry’. The sole aim of this department is to irrigate agricultural land efficiently and bringing economic stability and sustainability for agricultural security.

WOW Solar is excelling in dispensing agricultural solar utilities. The technology-infused water pumping systems for farmlands and ranches are installed using an elevated solar array to capture the sun’s radiation to power up the irrigation pump.

This is the next generation pumping system, designed specially to simplify the farming activities. The PV panels could provide enough electricity to lighten the farms. The budgets dedicated to power consumption bills could be reduced drastically. 

Service Features:

The features this service offers are:

  1. Solar water pumping systems for effective irrigation.
  2. Solar panels for barn heating and warm water needs on the field.
  3. Farm and ranch lightening through sun rays and cost-cutting on the energy bills.
  4. PV panels (solar electric panels) to power farmland operations and remote water pumps.
Roof-mounted solar panels.
5kw solar system Perth