Do solar panels work on a cloudy day? Find out here!

Solar panels generate electricity from the sun’s rays. What if clouds gather around? What if the shiny bright sun gets a natural covering of clouds?

When you are relying on sunlight for producing electricity for your home, you might worry about such weather and pose a question in your mind – how much solar energy will my solar system generate on cloudy days?

Quite obvious! Any solar homeowner would wonder. Needless to say, yes, solar panels need sunlight for producing energy. However, it’s necessary to learn about cloudy conditions and the way it affects the solar system’s efficiency. Also, how this temporary shade alters the power output of your solar system.

Do solar panels work on a cloudy day? Simply put, Solar panels work in cloudy weather – only they might generate less power than usual.

Let’s learn more about this kind of weather and solar panel’s working associated with it.

Cloudy days and solar energy generation:

Though it looks like gathered clouds block sunlight, solar radiations still penetrate them. Because of the same reason, solar panels still produce electricity on such days. Generally, the energy output drops anywhere between 10 to 25 per cent as compared to the sunny day energy output.

There are the following two factors you should pay attention to while comparing the power drops:

  • It depends on the cloud cover condition
  • Quality of the solar panels.

WOW Solar panels are highly efficient on sunny as well as cloudy days. They are a reliable choice for overcast climates. To know all the technical specifications – please get in touch with us.

Some facts about cloudy weather and solar system

Some essential things that will help you understand this phenomenon and see through some technical details.

  • Solar panels do work well in cloudy and cold locations. Many Australian cities that receive cold winters still produce clean energy. As stated in a blog from, Melbourne doesn’t experience clear sunny days in winter, yet the graph shows significant solar energy production. The electricity cost is the major driver here. Cloudy or sunny days don’t matter too much, but the electricity charges that determine going solar is beneficial or not. In Australia, where utility prices are high, solar systems will surely save money on electricity bills for businesses, houses or even farms.
  • Solar systems don’t necessarily need hot weather to generate electricity. The panels work efficiently in places that are sunny and cold. When panels reach about 77 degrees Fahrenheit, they may work less effectively. But that does not mean that they won’t work well in hot places. As we have told you, electricity costs, not the weather, will play a vital role in assessing how solar PV panels can save homeowners money.
  • Partial shading can happen. Whether natural or other sources, it can lower the amount of energy your solar system is generating. Technically, solar systems are engineered to handle the effects of covering/shading. For instance, if 15% of your PV panels are shaded by a tree, then only 15% of power production is temporarily suspended, not more than that.

Qualified solar panel installers in Australia know how to design the solar systems, so, shading or cloudy days won’t cause trouble. WOW Solar, in Australia, understands the weather, knows the panels installation rules and regulations, so a qualified installer like WOW solar will know what solution will be the best for your home.

According to Greentech media article, Germany’s renewable energy market achieved its strongest growth in half of the decade last year. The mention is worth it here because Germany experiences a lack of sunlight. It proves that adopting solar energy is beneficial for saving money and the planet. There’s nothing to do with the weather.

How WOW Solar can help you with your solar needs?

Do cloudy days affect solar panels or stop its working? Simply put, no. The amount of electricity generated on a sunny day is, of course, higher than on cloudy days, but it’s not nil. Solar panels do generate electricity using penetrated sun radiation through clouds.

A point to note is, solar panels work effectively when they are designed and selected to fit your specific requirements and circumstances. WOW Solar practices custom solutions, recommendations, and tailor-made solar systems to suit every customer’s needs, preferences, and concerns.

Before finalising the production, we survey your unique home/building situation. A trained expert from our team pays a visit and draw out technical details on local climate conditions, natural obstruction among other things and hand out an analysis to design a solar system ideal for all the findings.

So if you have any doubts about the cloudy weather conditions that are holding you back from welcoming a solar system, you have the equation sorted out now.

Don’t let grey sky ruin your solar transition. Contact us today and see how you can enjoy a clean, renewable energy solution in the most efficient way.

WOW Solar – your trusted solar panel installer in Perth.

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