Should homeowners in Australia wait for better solar technology, or not? Let’s find out!

Homeowners do conduct their research before deciding to go solar. What they conclude is, they should wait some more for solar technology to improve. Factually, solar technology is enhancing, undoubtedly.

The homeowners think that waiting for new advancements will make them pay less for more efficient solar panels, which will provide a better return on the investment made.

True, we don’t deny that. However, there are some factors you as a prospect solar energy buyer should consider.

Today, we are going to acquaint you with these important determinants to make you see that going solar sooner is better in the long run.

reasons to go solar

Efficiency Improvement:

One thing to take into consideration is how fast solar technology has improved in the past few years. With this knowledge, we can get the idea of how fast it will improve in the future.

Since the last decade, the solar panels’ efficiency has been improved quite dramatically. Australia is a mega player in clean energy production and set to make renewable energy available to maximum people around the globe through research.

It is advisable that you go for solar now as what you get, is the ‘most efficient solar panel system’ at present. Delaying and waiting is like missing out on savings, which you could potentially start making now.

Solar rebates in Australia:

The other major factor to be studied is solar rebates in Australia. The federal government provides incentives under the Renewable energy target (RET) for both small and large solar systems.

There’s no time like the present. This old classic saying is so true when it comes to investing in solar panels installation and battery storage. Currently, there are many benefits, and smart financial gains from the government, for domestic solar customers.

While solar rebates are in place and are likely to be there, one is never sure when the rebate scenario will change. Currently, the incentives are pretty impressive, and as Australia’s prestigious solar solutions provider, we say seize the opportunity with us while it’s still there.

A decline in Solar Prices:

There’s this price buzz among the homeowners. The assumption that ‘the prices are going to drop exponentially every year’ keeps them procrastinating from buying renewable energy. It is quite true.

Since 2010 the significant drop in PV systems has been recorded due to solar panel costs reduction. Solar panel prices have dropped faster since last few years.

Solar prices witnessed an astonishing 40% drop per watt in October 2016. The point here is, the costs are not expected to drop any further.

From 2017 the solar prices have not lowered considerably. So if you are waiting for solar panel prices to drop significantly before purchasing, then it doesn’t seem to be a great idea. You have lower solar prices already. Furthermore, you have government solar rebates to lower the expense even more, then why wait?

If you take advantage of these facilities, then there is no comparison in savings.

Ever rising electricity prices:

As of residential electricity, Australians are paying some of the most expensive electricity bills. If you had solar, you wouldn’t worry about the increasing prices of power in Australia.

This is the catch when it comes to solar. The more you postpone installing PV panels, the longer you pay the rising electricity bills.

Having a solar system to generate electricity, you not only reduce/eliminate the dependency on utility companies but also save a large sum of money. As per the record, 2 million homes are solar equipped in Australia.

These homeowners are free from worrying about electricity charges. They must be proud of their decision to go solar and able to save a fortune annually.

The time is now:

Solar power is an undying source of energy. The prices are low. There’s support from the government to boost the solar installation. Solar, with its many uses, allows you to consume clean energy, causing no harm to the environment.

The idea is to go solar sooner rather than later. A solar system doesn’t ask for any tedious maintenance effort. They generate electricity throughout the day. Solar panels make sure you save on energy bills. Your home value increases in the market. There are many such benefits that you receive when you opt for clean energy.

We think the time is just right to go solar.


We have enlisted the reason why going solar now is fruitful for you instead of waiting for solar energy technology to improve. The scenario currently is like this: the evolution is happening, efficiency is steady and solar prices are low but no guarantee that they will go down any further soon. Solar rebate is in place. However, it’s better to utilize them while they are up and running. Then comes the game changer factor, the electricity price. It’s not going to come down but rise further.

If you still decide to wait for a better solar year, you may miss out on any money-saving opportunities. Also, by waiting, you will continue to pay the highest electricity bills.

Should Australian homeowners wait for better solar technology? We say, the better is already here!

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