Climate change has become a cause of worry for mankind. In the early turn of the 21st century, problems like drought, floods are frequenting at an alarming rate. Warmer temperatures are at the core of causing these climatic disasters.

Each sector/industry has to look after at what rate they emit greenhouse gases and the amount of fossil fuels they are consuming.

Are we doing anything?

Are we doing enough to curb the problem?

The answer to these questions is a yes and a no.

Solar energy is a solution to almost all the existing issues we are facing. A great deal of burden will be offloaded from fossil fuel usage if solar energy adoption increases.

Although a large number of industries have acknowledged and incorporated solar aid for carrying out their business operations, there’s still room for growing this revolutionary movement of change.

One particularly important sector that can reap tremendous gains from solar panels installation and clean energy is the agriculture sector.

Farms and solar

Farms and solar panel installation

Farms and solar power is a perfect coupling.  There are several tasks on the farm/ranch field that need electricity. The energy demand is huge in agriculture.

Some certainly important requirements such as lightning of barns, keeping barns warm, heaters, water pumping among others ask for a considerable amount of power.

By installing solar PV systems on the farm, you can use a clean form of energy and utilise it based on your needs.

Farmlands all over Australia are going solar at a rapid rate. We, at WOW Solar, effectively carry out solar panel installations – Perth farmlands.

We strive to bring economic stability and sustainability in the agriculture industry. Our irrigation division has a theme called water for life and water for irrigation in agriculture.’ We aim at irrigating agricultural land effectively to bring prosperity in the amount of production.

Wow Solar Agricultural Solar Systems


Farms Benefit from Solar Energy

There’s one concern among agricultural practitioners, that’s ‘unreliable electricity supply’. Some of them have suffered losses due to this problem.

‘Generating electricity through solar panels on the farm’ could solve this problem.

Let’s look at what benefits one could seize once the solar panel gets installed on the farms/ranches.

Exceedingly cheaper than fossil fuels:

Harnessed solar energy will result in lessen energy bills than traditional fossil fuels. Solar panels on the farms are an investment for a lifetime. Once the installation charges are recovered down the line, you practically use free electricity from sun rays. To your relief, the government has some policies to reduce the installation charges.

We will guide you through and through in this green transition phase.

A solution to drought-related problems:

Farmers sometimes have to deal with unfortunate situations, such as drought. They may have to deal with power cut too. However, when solar panels are in the place, the problem doesn’t seem like a problem. Due to solar-generated electricity, the farm operations go uninterrupted. Also, solar panels require minimum water, (for other purposes) so they prove to be beneficial in areas with water scarcity.

Technological advancements:

The agriculture sector has seen technological interventions in recent years. However, the adoption rate might not be as high as other industries. With solar energy to power up and carry out agricultural activities and rapid adoption of the same prove that the farming sector is ready for more technology-based improvements in the fields.

The numbers speak. More and more agriculture practitioners have given a green signal to solar energy adoption only to prove that ‘that is a smart move.’ This will encourage researchers and businesses to provide farmers with more technology equipped apparatus.

Storing Solar energy

Farms are massive energy consumers. Agricultural activities need a staggering amount of electricity for performing a variety of tasks. In power cut scenarios, it becomes difficult to clear out operations at hand efficiently and in a timely fashion.

Solar system on the farm comes to the rescue. Some solar PV systems allow you to store generated electricity in batteries and use when the need be.

WOW solar presents specialized off-grid solar systems to cater to precisely such troubles.

The most guaranteed way of preventing global warming and reducing carbon footprint:

Solar equipped farms would contribute hugely to fight global warming. All the industries are trying to incorporate solar aid this way or the other.

Bringing solar power for the agricultural operations will not only prove to be advantageous, profiting for the farmers but also help in reducing the carbon footprint on the earth.

Embracing solar energy will potentially fight the free usage of fossil fuels and non-renewable energy. We should act now to save our planet.

To sum up,

Major energy consumers are farmers. They require a large amount of energy for activities, such as pumps, tractors, cool storage, harvesting, maintaining crops, and livestock facilities among others.

It charges a fortune to meet energy needs and paying for them. Solar panels for agriculture come as a solution for more than just cost saving.

We are currently battling many climatic issues. Global warming causes climate change, and it directly affects agricultural produce.

If more and more farms will go solar, it will help curb global warming effectively. With farms – commercial buildings and homes could turn to solar energy for clearing this environment degrading problem from the earth.

WOW Solar, with its affordable, trustworthy and quality service has helped many families, farmers go green. We have specialised solutions for residential, commercial, agricultural and off-grid solar requirements.

Let’s harness the power of the Sun, go solar and opt for clean solutions.

Contact us for solar panel installation in Perth.

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