Not only homes but solar energy has become synonymous to energy conservation for businesses and organisations as well. From warehouses to institutions, facilities with large campuses such as hospitals that demand a huge amount of electricity could save on their energy bill by switching to solar. Many organisations have realised the importance and benefit of going solar for their commercial spaces. Whether by mounting on the roof, the lawn or parking lot, all businesses can go solar, irrespective of the size of the organisation.

The point is – what is it that keeps business owners from installing one? Maybe some are thinking that they can’t make space for solar panels. However, with current advancements and different structures, this doubt is ruled out. There are many kinds of commercial solar panel installation solutions available, and we are sure at least one will suit you.

The following section explains the various types of commercial solar panel installations and facilities they work best for

Types of commercial solar panel installations

commercial solar panel installations

Rooftop Solar:

Very common among the others, this is the most widely preferred solar installation type and why not – it uses the empty roof space; it’s out of sight of the customers and yet does the job for you – save a colossal sum on bills.

Having said that, a few types of rooftop solar installations fluctuate with the sort of roof you have. Let’s see what those are:

rooftop solar installations

Standard roof mount: It is similar to residential solar installation. A standard roof mount solar installation typically follows the outline (shape) of your roof. It employs fully anchored, rail-based mounting style.

This structure is ideal for pitched roofs and unique rooftops. Small businesses, churches, restaurants and storefronts can go for this type of commercial solar mounting.

Single tilt flat roof mount: This type is perfect for big, flat roofs, such as warehouses or manufacturing companies. The single tilt installation will provide handsome energy output per kilowatt installed.

They are best suited for businesses with huge roof space and who are looking to maximize the internal rate of return. This looks like racking, which you see in a very large installation, like in the image below.

large installation

Dual tilt flat roof mount: It’s same as the single tilt mount except for it uses panel facing in both the directions. In other words, it doubles the number of panels on the same roof area that single tilt mount uses.

This is ideal for small businesses that want to utilize their constrained roof area for maximum energy output. The image below shows an example of a dual tilt flat roof mount solar installation.

dual tilt flat roof mount solar installation

Carport Solar:

Carport solar is perfectly suitable for those organisations that don’t have enough roof space or have a unique roof but have a large parking space instead. If you happen to be in this situation, then you can utilise your parking space to absorb sun rays through hundreds of solar panels. These panels would be responsible for powering up your business and also to provide shelter for your vehicle parking.

There are three variants of carport solar commercial installation, each of which serves different needs.

Long span canopy: It covers two parallel rows of parking, including the internal driving space that has one continuous canopy. This solution is the best for large parking lots in sunny locations.

long span canopy

Dual tilt canopy: This carport utilises one row of parking. Two sets of panels are usually slightly tilted down towards the middle, like a bird in flight. It works fine for comparatively smaller parking lots. It has a dual purpose. Because of its unique design, it provides the benefit of directing snow, ice and rain. The tilt directs the rain in the middle of the system. The rain collection would prove to be advantageous for future use.

Garage top canopy: Do you have a parking garage? Then this carport is for you. It is easily adaptable to all varieties of structural conditions also good at maintaining optimal direction for sun exposure.

long span canopy

Carport solar solutions are just irresistible! Not just solar but they serve other advantages too.

  • The dual tilted canopies are great for collecting rain in the middle of the system. It also promotes the future usage of the collected rain.
  • You can fit LED lights on the canopies to make it appealing and safe at night.
  • You can brand the canopy with your logo to spread the awareness.


Australia is witnessing exponential growth in commercial solar installation demand.

Ground solutions:

ground solutions

Some firms may want large scale, power plant level installation of solar panels. It may be for their usage, own business or providing power to other businesses – large scale solar installations are gathering popularity lately. Most of these installations utilize grounds to employ racking solar panels mounting.

If you have the land and want to produce tremendous power, this solution would work for you.

The bottom line:

No matter what kind of business you have, what amount of energy you need, there are pretty fair chances of having at least one solar solution for you. WOW Solar will analyse your conditions and work out the best solar system for your commercial use or commercial solar panel installations.

Go solar with your business and start saving. It’s a kind of investment your organisation would cherish and see long term benefits. For inspection and obtaining solar advice from our expert, contact us today.


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